Eric Krimmel is a photographer, artist and designer.

Much of his award-winning work is available for sale in the form of prints and postcards.

Eric Krimmel's digital book, Illuminate, The Yearlong Photo a Day Project is available for the iPad through the iTunes Store or directly through the iPad through the iBookstore.

In his ebook, Illuminate, Eric Krimmel produces a photograph a day for an entire year using three parameters to guide the project: first, resist using the camera simply as a tool to record a time and place as if a photograph were a historical document. Instead , try to illustrate an idea or concept. Second, treat each day as if it were a opportunity to create something new and different from the previous days work. Three, include text to help guide the viewer to the idea or concept without offering a specific explaination

You can buy prints and postcards of Eric Krimmel's work through his website,

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